CNC Plasma and Oxygen Cutting

CNC Plasma and Oxygen Cutting

CNC Plasma and Oxygen Cutting

CNC plasma cutting is a cutting process using computerized numerical control (CNC) technology. In this method, metal sheets or plates are cut using the high temperature of plasma gas. CNC plasma cutting is widely used, especially in sheet metal processing and metal parts manufacturing processes. Here are the basic things to know about CNC plasma cutting:

Plasma Cutting Process: CNC plasma cutting is the process of cutting material through a plasma jet. Plasma is created by making a high-temperature gas electrically charged. This plasma jet performs the cutting process by releasing intense heat and energy on the material.

CNC Control: CNC plasma cutting utilizes computerized numerical control (CNC) systems. These systems determine the parameters and motion paths required for the cutting process. The operator loads a CAD (Computer Aided Design) file designed on a computer into the system and determines the cutting parameters.

Material Variety: CNC plasma cutting is generally preferred for cutting metal materials. It is especially used for cutting metals such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum. This method is often used for shaping metal sheets or pipes.

Precision Cutting: CNC plasma cutting is known for its ability to cut with high precision. CNC control enables the implementation of complex and detailed cutting designs.

Fast Cutting: Plasma cutting offers a faster cutting process than many other cutting methods. This speed is advantageous for mass production or the production of large parts.

Thickness Capacity: CNC plasma cutting can be used effectively on a wide range of material thicknesses, from thin sheets to thick sheets. Cutting capacity is generally dependent on plasma power and system specifications.

Thermal Impact: CNC plasma cutting generally has limited thermal impact. This reduces the risk of metal damaging the surrounding material.

Industrial Applications: CNC plasma cutting is widely used in metalworking industries. It plays an important role in many sectors such as automotive, shipbuilding, structural steel production, metal furniture manufacturing and general metal production.

CNC plasma cutting is an effective cutting method widely used in metalworking industries with its material diversity, fast production and precision cutting capabilities.

CNC oxygen cutting is a metal cutting method using computerized numerical control (CNC) systems. In this process, the sheet metal or material to be cut is cut using a combustible gas mixture with oxygen. CNC oxygen cutting is usually used for cutting thick sheets of metal. Here are some basic things to know about CNC oxygen cutting:

Oxygen Cutting Process: The CNC oxygen cutting process involves combining oxygen with a combustible gas mixture, focusing this mixture on a spot on the material and melting the material. The melted material is purged by a stream of oxygen and the desired shape of the workpiece is achieved.

CNC Control: In CNC oxygen cutting, a computerized numerical control (CNC) system is used to determine the pattern to be used for the cutting process and to control the cutting movements of the material. This system enables precise cuts by processing pre-programmed designs and directing movement on the material.

Thick Material Cutting: CNC oxygen cutting is generally preferred for cutting thick sheets of metal. It is especially effective for cutting steel and iron plates.

Heat Source Cutting: The high temperature generated during the oxygen cutting process allows the material to melt. Therefore, oxygen cutting is a thermal cutting process.

Cutting Capacity: Since CNC oxygen cutting is generally used for cutting thick material, it offers a capacity suitable for cutting metal sheets of high thicknesses.

Cost Effectiveness: Oxygen cutting is generally a more economical option than other cutting methods. This provides a cost-effective solution, especially in applications where thick sheet metal cutting is required.

Surface Quality: Oxygen cutting does not usually provide a high surface finish, so often the surface can be rough. This is usually not a problem in applications that do not require post-processing or surface finishes.

Industrial Applications: CNC oxygen cutting is commonly used in industries such as construction, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing and metal structure manufacturing.

CNC oxygen cutting is an efficient way of cutting thick sheets of metal, and is particularly favored in applications where cost-effectiveness and thick material cutting is required.

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